What is Boudoir photography?

I define boudoir photography as an intimate afternoon of a woman embracing every insecurity she might have and throwing it out the door. With a voyeristic approach to an old niche, I create raw emotion and sensuality through my portraits. Whether you prefer nudity or modesty, I'll strive to evoke your inner goddess. 

Are the women you shoot models?

I am proud to say that all of my clients that I photograph are REAL women just like you. They're moms, business women, and women who "never thought" she could. Even if your a 30-something Netflix and chill type of gal, I promise to uncover the babe you are. Let's ditch the sweatpants and have some fun!


Where are will my session take place? Do you have a studio?

Our studio is based 70 miles south of San Francisco located in Santa Cruz County in the quaint Capitola Village. With a minimalist approach, our studio oozes natural light, modern bohemian furniture and decor with a hint of glam. 

How far in advance should I book my session?

I am typically booked 1-2 months in advance. I recommend scheduling your shoot date AT LEAST 2 months prior to needing your product in hand. We are currently booking 8 - 10 sessions per month including Saturdays so the calendar does fill up quickly. It's never to early to set a date, What are you waiting for?


Will you share my images on your website / blog or social media?

While most of our clients are so proud of their images, you are NOT required to sign a model release. Your images are your own and I respect my client's decision in keeping them completely confidential. Privacy is very important and we will not share your images unless you ask us to!

Are images included in the session fee?

While product and images are NOT included in the session fee, clients love seeing their images for the first time at their viewing and ordering session. We will go through each image and pick your absolute favorites.

What is the turn around time?

I offer Viewing + Ordering Appointments one week after your session date. Your Viewing + Ordering Appointment will be scheduled at booking. We recommend booking AT LEAST 2 months prior to your session so you have ample time to choose and order your heirloom luxury products. 

What is a viewing and ordering appointment?

A Viewing + Ordering Appointment: a scheduled time where your fabulous images are revealed to you for the first time! We will meet at my studio, go over products and pricing, and check out samples. Once we have narrowed down your favorite images, we will hand select the very best products to showcase this life changing experience. 

Do you only shoot in a studio?

Many of our sessions take place in the studio located in Santa Cruz, but we also love exploring new locations! Outdoor Sessions are currently offered during warmer weather (May through September) as an add on for your boudoir experience. We have several secluded outdoor locations available for your choosing. We also love exploring unique hotels, client homes and locations that speak to you.

Do you supply my outfits? What should I bring?

We currently offer clients access to our growing Boudoir Closet complete with lingerie and statement pieces. We have an array of styles and sizes. During our pre-session consultation, we will discuss what you plan on wearing. We request that you bring AT LEAST 3 of your own outfits.

What if I'm not sexy?

I don't expect every client who walks into the studio to be a supermodel. They are REAL women. As a boudoir specialist, its my job to pose you from your head to your toes in the utmost flattering way. Simply follow each of my instructions and we will achieve sexiness, I guarantee it! Be forewarned, posing may result in slight muscle soreness the following day.